January 6

Tips on choosing a Corporate Lawyer

Starting a small business of your own can be a real challenge as much as it is a satisfaction. On the one hand, any business, however small, demands time and hard work on your part as its proprietor. On the other hand, running such a business will give you the satisfaction that derives from knowing that you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur in your own right. As it is, a business enterprise can give you the financial freedom that is otherwise impossible to gain if you are just an ordinary employee or professional. One’s own business is therefore considered as an indicator of achievement, and even prestige.

Before starting your business enterprise, however, you should make sure that you understand all matters related to it. It is a fact that some investors who have the capital to initiate a start-up business gets confused over many things such as the pertinent laws and legal requirements that must be met before starting to operate the business itself.

November 6

Estate planning is often a mystery to clients

People know at a visceral level what a will is, but do not know the benefits and risks of making a will; and, if asked what a trust is or what its purpose might be, they haven’t a clue. The reality is that the creation of an estate plan is, like many things, made obscure.

October 3

How to start an LLC

Want to know the general steps in starting an LLC? Of course you should consult a local Business Lawyer(O’Connell & Associates) before getting started with this process. We are here to help you from day one of creating your business to ensure you don’t waste time & money.