November 7

Government access to your encrypted email?

For those of you who do business on the web, and expect a certain amount of privacy, the recent litigation involving LavaBit and a government subpoena of encrypted emails is a most recent battle between the forces for order versus liberty that has been ongoing since the birth of the Republic. For a discussion on.

November 6

Estate planning is often a mystery to clients

People know at a visceral level what a will is, but do not know the benefits and risks of making a will; and, if asked what a trust is or what its purpose might be, they haven’t a clue. The reality is that the creation of an estate plan is, like many things, made obscure.

October 3

How to start an LLC

Want to know the general steps in starting an LLC? Of course you should consult a local Business Lawyer(O’Connell & Associates) before getting started with this process. We are here to help you from day one of creating your business to ensure you don’t waste time & money.