Real Estate Links:

County of Escondido ARCC Grantor/Grantee Index Search

This site will allow with the entry of a name or parcel number to find the most recent transactions or conveyances of property in Escondido County.

Mike Daniels MBA – Agent Homepage

This is a link to the Escondido Multiple Listing service through a agent’s web site. You can use this site to locate available properties for sale throughout Escondido County.


This site gives a comprehensive summary of financing available for purchase money or refinance loans, with information about charges for making the loans. It is the place to start before talking to a bank loan officer or mortgage broker about negotiation of a loan.

California Department of Real Estate (DRE)

This is the site to check on brokers and agents license status in California and much more. A very useful and informative site.

Contractors State License Board

This site gives information about contractors license status, its bonding, and insurance. A very useful site full of links to information about contractors and contracting.

Real estate directory, real estate research, real estate for sale, real estate jobs

This is a comprehensive directory run by that gives a Yahoo-like treatment of available real estate professionals and services nationwide.

Court Links

Escondido Superior Court: Home Page

Court pages for all information regarding local courts, calendars, judges, and court services.

Federal Court-Southern District of California

Comprehensive web site for the local Federal Court.

Bankruptcy Court links

A comprehensive set of links for all bankruptcy court sites in the United States.

Business and News Links


British based news and business magazine, without an ax to grind.

The New York Times

Once the final authority and still a refuge for the sensible news consumer on the web.

Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles’s news source.

Escondido Union-Tribune

Escondido’s only major newspaper on-line.

Escondido Daily Transcript

Escondido’s business daily newspaper. – Investing, Saving and Personal Finance

Wall Street Journal’s user friendly investor oriented web site and products.


A really technically and academically oriented site for investors of a “forensic” bent, meaning that they make their investment choices on the basis of historical analysis. For the true wonks only.

Earnings Torpedo

A student run site from the University of Michigan that uses data to compare proposed investments, and alerts those who are interested.

On-line Shopping This site joins and’s functions to a single web site.

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