Feb 4

Gmail security

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It has become all too common to receive an email, which appears to have a name of a friend or business associate, which turns out to be from an email address completely unrelated to that person. Usually, the mail is without content except a brief impersonal greeting and a strange link. Sometimes it is as banal as a marketing web site, frequently it is a link to a porn site, and always as a result of the friend or business associate whose name is associated with the mail has had their email address book hacked.
My practice when I receive these mails is to contact the person whose mail has been hacked and advise them to change their password(s), perhaps install two-stage authentication, and to take advantage of any number of security steps that may be available.
But, a recent post in Tech Hive points out what you might do if you are a Gmail user. Log on to Gmail and look at the lower right of your inbox screen to a small, almost invisible link titled “Details.” Click on this link and you will be able to see the last 10 times someone has accessed your Gmail account.
Then, if anything looks strange, you can be like Sherlock Holmes to find out if someone or something has been snooping into your account, and take appropriate steps.
Take a look at the Tech Hive blog on this, and maybe you should implement some of the security it suggests: http://www.techhive.com/article/2090509/how-to-find-out-if-someone-has-been-snooping-in-your-gmail.html