Oct 14

5 Factors To Consider When Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney in Escondido CA!


If you own multiple assets and properties purchased in your name, you must give careful consideration for organizing and planning these by hiring the services of a reputed estate planning attorney. Although for some it may still seem a bit too early to safeguard their family’s legal and financial standing, especially the children, yet, no one really knows the future possibilities. Hence, it is best to plan ahead and prevent legal issues or financial mishaps. There are several factors to consider when hiring an estate planning attorney. Here’s a list of them.

5 Factors To Consider When Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney!

1. Hire An Attorney Who Specializes In Estate Planning Laws

Establish a will if you have stopped working and started enjoying your retirement life. Your attorney will draft the relevant allocations and desired conditions based on your decisions. They will take care of the tedious paperwork in a seamless manner since a professional lawyer is specialized in estate planning laws. Find an attorney with sufficient years of experience in their field of practice.

2. The Sooner You Hire An Estate Planning Attorney, The Safer Will Be Your Assets

Handling your personal property is not as easy as you may think. An estate planning attorney will offer you the best available suggestions on how to handle your estate, money and other assets. If you have placed your property documents with a trust, you may still need to grant these to your beneficiaries. Plan early to accomplish all of this and safeguard your assets.

3. Consider Hiring An Estate Planning Attorney In The Case Of A Divorce Proceeding

An estate planning attorney will help you to draft the desired actions concerning your money, property, assets and estate after the split. It is vital to keep your assets for your children and not just share them with your ex-spouse after the marriage is over.

4. Hire An Estate Planning Attorney To Clearly Designate And Entrust Your Assets And Properties

Prepare for your golden years and the time when you are no longer around by hiring a reputed attorney who will make things easier for you. Prior to hiring, browse through the prospective estate planning lawyer’s website testimonials posted by their satisfied clients. You could also ask to speak with a few happy clients.

5. Ask for Referrals to an Estate Planning Attorney in Your Area

Are you seeking an estate planning attorney because you have recently divorced or are moving to a new state? If yes, then ask for referrals for a reputed estate planning lawyer in your area from your neighbors, family members, business contacts, accountant, financial adviser etc. Chances are that you will get a good response and will be able to find a qualified one in your area with the help of a referral.

Although your close relatives and family friends may offer help in estate planning aspects, you must still consider allowing the qualified and experienced attorney to handle this for you. Plan for your family’s future and secure your property as well as assets by talking to an attorney soon. Contact O’Connell & Associates; Call: 760-310-2463, Email: djoconnell @ oconnell-law.biz or Fax: 866-630-9947 Today!