February 20

Landlords of commercial space must disclose energy use before lease

As frequently happens, building codes and regulations enacted years ago, in this case AB 1013 from 2012, come into effect without fanfare later. That statutre requires sellers or lessors of non-residential space to inform the purchaser or potential lessee of the building or space to be acquired or leased before the transaction closes or is.

February 4

Contractors obligation to install water conserving toilets?

In 2009, the California legislature added a new provision to the consumer protection sections of Civil Code sections 1102.1, et seq. amending some sections and adding section 1102.155, requiring certain disclosures and installation of water conserving toilets in single family residences by January 1, 2017, and in commercial structures by the following year. That law.

February 4

Gmail security

It has become all too common to receive an email, which appears to have a name of a friend or business associate, which turns out to be from an email address completely unrelated to that person. Usually, the mail is without content except a brief impersonal greeting and a strange link. Sometimes it is as.